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Bare Necessities

Sustainable Basics that are unique and hand picked for you. Equal to four items, a great place to mix and match!


Seasonal Refresh

Seasons change and so does our taste. Lockdown on a personal style with me and get a seasonal wardrobe that lasts. Includes five head to toe outfits, and three staple accessories. 


Big Day

A sustainable way to shop for one big day with textiles that already exist. Includes one outfit from head to toe with two accessories. 


New Wardrobe

Includes ten outfits from head to toe, and five staple accessories.

This is a very one on one package with me so that we can really lockdown on what you want to express and feel in your new wardrobe.


Bundle Application 

Style Bundles will not be discussed until payment is processed and application is filled out. Thank you! 
ps. can't wait 

Thanks for submitting!

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